Meet Our Speakers!

Ivy Ryan – Why am I even doing this anymore…?

Why do we allow fear to control our decisions, when there are so many other forces in the world trying to hold us back? “why am i even doing this anymore..?” gives an in depth look at my past with failure, how it has affected my creative process, and how I’ve come to welcome it into my life.

Nicholas Ripper – Deforestation, Deregulation, and Exploitation: The IMF’s Environmental Legacy

The International Monetary Fund is an international organization that provides loans to low and middle income countries; since the early 1980s, those countries have been required to adopt free market economies in order to receive the loans. What impact have these requirements had on the environment?

Katharine Hubert – Making the Invisible Visible

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom (EDS) is a collagen disorder that causes a plethora of symptoms, including chronic pain, an invisible disability. Thus, many individuals with this condition live invisible lives; people often do not understand their pain or symptoms. This purpose of this talk is to not only raise awareness for EDS, but also to highlight the obstacles of living with an invisible disability and challenge your perceptions of what it means to have a disability.

Natalie Tabolt – Introspection and Empathy: Poetry About Dementia

Writing poetry can help us empathize with our loved ones with dementia and introspectively cope with witnessing this disease. Poems also raise awareness of the isolation and pain that individuals with dementia face.

Merryn Spence – The Power of the Breath

Fostering resilience in our daily lives can seem unattainable. By sharing pieces of my own journey in life, I will illustrate how the embodiment of my breath was a catalyst for cultivating my own resilience and ultimately, how I have found healing. Trigger warning: suicide and sexual assault.

Rachael Ellis – Breaking Down Barriers: How to Create a Welcoming Workspace

She/her/hers pronouns

This talk focuses on sharing an overview of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in organizations, clubs, and businesses. Suggestions for establishing a more welcoming organization are discussed.

Megan Arnold – Why Don’t We Have a Cure for Cancer Yet?

Cancer is one of the most formidable challenges that humanity has ever faced. What would happen if we looked at it through an interdisciplinary lens? In my talk, I hope to make the science of cancer accessible to a wider audience, inspire new ways of viewing an old problem, and discuss the consequences of the lack of diversity in the cancer research field.


The academic honors societies Tri Beta, Lambda Pi Eta, Lambda Sigma, Psi Chi, and Sigma Tau Delta present Allegheny College’s first ever student-run academic convention in which students of all class years are invited to present their passions, original ideas, and research in short, powerful, TedX style talks. The purpose of this convention is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and to showcase academic excellence across all divisions through short, compelling talks while being entirely student-produced.